Oral-G Ultra

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Out the Ordinary and get Extraordinary with Oral-G

Cleaning with Oral-G Ultra is like having your very own oral hygienist at work but Without the PAIN & stainless Tooth SCRAPING sounds.
When you use 13 thousand plus antibacterial bristles each up to 5X finer than a strand of hair, it not only provide you with a fullfledged gentle cleaning experience it also enables you to Massages abovebetween gum-lines & penetrates tight to reach areas, swiftly removesgermy bacterias & plagues buildup at the same time promotes blood flow to your gum tissue, leaves you with healthier roots, stronger enamel, whiter smile and breath of fresh air~
Start pampering your only tooth gums and tongue at once, twice a day with Oral-G, in returns, you will find less Time and Money spend onyour orthodontist visit
Ultra is truly the finest and gentlest oral hygiene instrument you can confidently brush behind & benefit from.
No heading back to the old stuff. Get yours now.
  • A new type of comfy & fluffy cleaning experience.
  • Alleviate existing gum or tooth sensitivity by brushing.
  • Zero sharpy nor pointy feeling upon brushing.
  • Promotes stronger & healthier teeth & gum tissue.
  • Pull shade stains buildup from foods coffee & tea.  
  • Completes 3 Million+ bristle cleaning motion in as little as 2 mins.
  • 10X more bristle count v.s ordinary toothbrush.
  • 13000 anti-bacterial bristles, 5X finer than a strand of hair.
  • Massages your gum freely with comfort.
  • Removes bacteria coating form tongue's surface with ease.
  • Reduce the chances of developing gingivitis / oral diseases.
  • Superb maneuverability for tight awkward space cleaning.
  • Save precious time $ moolah at your next dental visit.

What's in the Box


Care information

  • Anti-Virus & Bacteria

  • Backed by Science

  • 6 min Speed Treatment

  • Smile Makeover in 7 days

  • 9 hr Continues Whitening

  • Clinically Proven Result

  • Restore Youthful Looking Smile

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7 Day Smile Formation


Boost your smile back to pristine glory in the comfort of your own home within 7 days.

Backed By Science


Latest natural teeth whitening methodology formulated by scientist use by oral care professional worldwide to bring your teeth to shine.

Your Peace of Smile


Breaks away years of teeth discolouration accumulated from foods & beverages give you teeth whitening result that last without the pain, sensitivity or irritation.


When would be the best time for teeth whitening?

Best time to whitening your teeth, would be right before bed, without anymore food or beverage for the night, teeth can go on with its continuous whitening journey into the morning without any interference, this means you'll wake up to whiteir set of teeth morning.

How Soon can I expect to see the difference

83% of the users sees difference on 3rd day of treatment, where the rest of users sees significant & transformative improvement on the 7th day of treatment.

How frequent should I be whitening my teeth?

That will largely depends on your personal habits and food / beverage consumption. A good rule of thumb will be twice per week or once every 3rd day. to maintain a desirable condition.

Does Oral Guardian's Teeth Whitening works on all teeth?

Oral Guardian's Natural Teeth Whitening Kit and Whitening serum will only be effective on natural teeth. Implant, crown, or artificial teeth unfortunately won't be receiving its whitening benefit.

What Safety Standards and cautionary practice does products held?

Whitening Kit and Whitening Serum are regularly lab tested, by swiss based multinational inspection company SGS S.A. and all part of whitening system are manufactured in a FDA Registered Facility that is fully in compliance to GMP Standard & Certified by ISO 22716. Therefore customers may confidently use all aspect of our whitening product with peace of mind.

Is it alright for me to eat and drink right after whitening?

You sure can, however we'll recommend you wait for a minimum of 15-30 mins before you eat or drink anything that might be too temperature sensitive . A small window without food and beverages after teeth whitening, can be beneficial for the whitening effect on your teeth to settle and optimize better.

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