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Oral-G Ultra ( 4-Ultra ( Avg. $ 4.00 Per Month ) )

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Product Details and Features
  • Generates 7 million + bristling motions in under 2 minutes
  • 10 X density v.s conventional brushes found in store aisle.
  • 13,000+ Antibacterial Bristles up to 5 ~10 times finer than a strand of hair.
  • Provide your teeth utmost hygiene & comfort you deserve
  • Generates 7 million + bristling motions in under 2 minutes
  • 10 time the bristle Volume & Density v.s conventional brushes found in store aisle.
  • 13,000+ Antibacterial Bristles up to 5 ~10 times finer than a strand of hair.
  • Provide your teeth the utmost hygiene & comfort they deserve

Oral-G Ultra ( 4-Ultra ( Avg. $ 4.00 Per Month ) )


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Be at Peace & at Ease knowing Oral-Guardian Ultra are the softest oral brush in the world for you today. It's Soft AF :D

Brushing your teeth with Oral-Guardian-Ultra is like having your very own oral-hygienist at work, just without any pain and tooth scraping sounds. Yes Please.

You will hold the powers to descend 13 thousand extremely-soft bristles on to your teeth. Enables millions of bristling motion that massages above & between your gumline to boost healthy blood flow. At the same time gently penetrates through hard to reach areas to pullout bacterias & plagues buildup, result in you having much stronger roots, healthier enamel, whiter smile that shines through your lips~

Don't wait, start pampering your precious set of teeth twice per day with Ultra, in returns, you shall find much less time and pain spend at all your dental visit for years to come.

Make Oral-G part of your Oral health routine guarantees you a full-fledged gentle cleaning experience each time.

Did you know? Brushing either too hard or too rough can causes miniature cuts and tears to your gum tissues. leaves you wide open from bacterias and virus to sneak in and develop various oral health issues. commens one are bad breath, gum bleed more serious cases are tooth decay

To avoid these disease on setting foot in your oral sanctuary, having the right brush for the job makes all the difference. SafeGuard Your Oral Universe with Oral-G Ultra to prevent unwanted guest and combat pre existing one

Don't play rough, this isn't a rugby game, don't martial arts your way through your flush..harder doesn't mean better here.

Our body indulges and benefit greatly from a soothing massage that help release tensions by applying mile pressure that relaxes deep tissue, promotes blood flow..treat your oral cleaning routine the same goes a long way. Keep calm a brush on.  

  • A new type of comfy & fluffy cleaning experience.
  • Minimizeexisting gum & tooth sensitivity when brushing.
  • Zero sharpy nor pointy feeling upon brushing.
  • Promotes stronger & healthier teeth & gum tissue.
  • Pull shade stains buildup from foods coffee & tea.  
  • Completes 3 Million+ bristle cleaning motion in as little as 2 mins.
  • 10X more bristle count v.s ordinary toothbrush.
  • 13000 anti-bacterial bristles, 5X finer than a strand of hair.
  • Massages your gum freely with comfort.
  • Removes bacteria coating form tongue's surface with ease.
  • Reduce the chances of developing gingivitis / oral diseases.
  • Superb maneuverability for tight awkward space cleaning.
  • Save precious time $ moolah at your next dental visit.

Brushing morning day & night to cheap day Nah ah~ after a meal, don't brush right away, wait approximately 15-20 min for saliva to be neutralized, minimize stress on your enamel try to brush at a 45-degree angle towards the gum line and make your way through. top-down front back and side to side tip, if you don't have your brush with you, just flush your mouth with water you can neutralize mouth ph which demotes bacteria growth after each bruising always place your oral-g ultra back to it's case for safe sanitary keeping.

Q:How often is Ultra good for?
Depends on user habit, but ultra is normally good for 3 month regular usage

A finer way to brush

Enables 7 Millions + Bristling Motions for Your Teeth in under 2 Minites.

Take the finer way

10 X

Get Volume & Density

Liftoff to New Height

Highest efficiency rate a manual toothbrush has ever achieved.
Own the Cloud-9 brushing experience that is truly second to none.

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Superior Softness

Get Your Superior Touch

Finest BrushStrokes

Twice a day, guaranty to maintain an extraordinary oral health you deserve

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By far the best manual brush ever created.  Love it ~

Eunice - Stockholm
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is like brushing with a piece of miniature cloud. good stuff !

Sabrina, Vancouver CA
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Superb comfort and cleaning capability.

Balinda - New York
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Next level gentleness for teeth & gum without a doubt.

Mariam - Paris
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When it says soft it’s an understatement - I’ve never felt softer bristles

Charlotte, Sydney Au
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Felt like brushing my teeth with a baby penguins' Fur :D nice and fluffy

Samuel R, Switzerland