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Polar Booster Kit ( Booster Kit )

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Product Details and Features
  • 1 x ( 24 Whitening Led Booster )
  • 1 x ( 4 in 1 Multi Power Connector )
  • 1 x ( Pocket Size Travel Protector )
  • 1 x ( Arctic Serum Complete 50 treatment )
  • 1 X ( Comprehensive User Manual )

Polar Booster Kit ( Booster Kit )


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A formulated serum, that are safe and effective for your teeth and guarantee to deliver result in days.
Enjoy all your favorite food and drink whenever you want when you want without compromising the beam of your smiley teeth. Okurrr~ All Natural and artificial food coloring gave us each a district smell taste and visual representation we crave to satisfied our taste buds and nutritional needs. subsequently those colorful delight we enjoys so much latching it color onto our teeth on the daily basis. thus dims and shade your smile year after year.
You will be giving Oral-G's premium formula, formulate by medical scientist and use by dental practitioner and orthodontic offices across the world to perform teeth whitening treatment suitable for all teeth that are in need to restore that white smile you once held. each booster ket came with upto 20 whiting treatment for as little as $2 per treatment, you can have dentistry grade whiting without appointment or breaking the bank. take whitening on the go it's empowering and the white privilege everyone can enjoy.
Use Oral-G's True White Serum in adjacent with OG-LED White-On Booster will speed your teeth whitening treatment by upto 10 fold efficiency.
  • A set of whiter teeth in as short as your third treatment
  • A stare by random stranger follow by a friendly smile
  • A natural boost of dopamine just by looking yourself in the mirror
  • A higher frequency of solicited & unsolicited tongue in cheek action from your babe or babe soon to be
  • A smile that appear you never had a cup of coffee or glass a wine in your beaming life
    1. Brush your teeth clean
    2. Pat your teeth dry with a towel or tissue
    3. twist to apply ture white serum to your teeth (less is more here) you may adjust amount accord to personal preference as you get comfortable with the process.
    4. Take White On Booster and plug in with your available smart device, set for 10min and let the whitening session begin.
    5. After the treatment, rinse your mouth thoroughly with lukewarm water to make sure all serum are removed completely from your mouth.
    6. senitize white on booster with water then set dry back to it's travel storage case for further treatment.
    7. it's recommend to not eat or drink anything too cold or hot for approximately 30mins after your treatment.
    1. Q: is the booster water proof ?
    A :yes it is IP67
    2. How long should you glow for?
    For optimal result we recommend glow with your booster for 10-15mins per whitening session.
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              In Love with my Beaming Smile, Checked!

              Lorita V , San Francisco
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              My smile has finally resurfaced! <3

              Monica S, Miami Florida
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              Simple & easy to use, most importantly it Works.

              Marsha W, Toronto Ontario
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              Makes me feels good whenever I smiles in front of a mirror :)

              Cassandra O, San Diego
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              Teeth got significantly whiter in just 3rd use Zero sensitivity.

              Karlie R, Seattle, WA,
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              This make my teeth whitening appointment a thing from the past.

              Bianca N, New York